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Teen Kathoey Teaser

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Teen Ladyboy Lee is such a cutie and she just loves to play. Teasing her man is something she so enjoys. Tempting you with glimpse of her panties under that cute skirt, flashes her tits when you least expect it and jumping on you on the couch when she finally needs to take this teasing to the next level. You remember when you were a teenager and how horny you were, well Lee is no different, and she is a sexual animal that really needs to be tamed!
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Tied Ladyboy Kai

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Ladyboy Kai is in a naughty mood tonight. She is hoping you will take her belt and bind her hands together. She wants you to do anything you want with her. Pull down that skirt and taste what she has to offer, she has no control and is feeling like a submissive slave just for your personal pleasure. She wants to feel you come up behind her and spread her ass wide open and just tease her ladyboy hole. The more she moans and shakes the more you know how much she loves you.
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Dirty Ladyboy Sex

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Stockings and short skirts are enough to drive any man wild, put a hot Asian transsexual like Em inside of them and you have absolute perfection. She is as sweet and she is dirty and you will never know what to expect with this tgirl walks into your bedroom. Golden skin and hair, firm candy hard ass, soft pink lips and a tongue that loves to pleasure the head of a sticky hard cock. Em could make all your dreams come true if you just give her the chance to enter them!
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Slender Fingers on Ladyboy Meat

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Paris is a nasty little Asian ladyboy slut. Watch her closely, she canʼt seem to get enough to satisfy her nasty sexual desires. She loved sucking on that rubber dildo as she stroked her ladyboy meat. I loved watching her jerk that lady meat as she gobbled down that rubber meat. She puts her dildo away and slowly begins to play with her asshole with a beautiful finger. This beautiful ladyboy knows how to make her ladyboy cock and ass feel so good with just her golden fingers. As you watch this lovely beauty with her wonderful hand skills try not to stroke your own meat to much!
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Ladyboy Boot Camp

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Ladyboy Amy has her camouflaged hat and bikini on. Let's face it this girl could never hide from your staring eyes. With a tight ladyboy body and a round ass like hers you will always recognize her. Perhaps she wants you to join up to her ladyboy boot camp. Inside this camp will be strict rules of oral satisfaction, fucking techniques and cumshots. Are you up to some one on one with this girl? She will be in charge and expects you to follow her orders to the letter!
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Paris Ass Toying

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

We find Paris doing what she loves best. Check her out in this motel room playing, but not with the tv remote to find a nice channel, but she is using a rubber dildo to stuff into her round tight asshole. She knows her way around that fine ass Asian body of hers, and she knows exactly how to stuff that thick rubber dildo up her tight round Asian ass. I loved watching this erotic honey as she toyed that ass skillfully as she looked into the cameras with the most innocent of expressions.
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