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Go Go Noon

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Go-Go Girl Noon is showing you exactly how to work that pole. Moving those long slender legs along the cool metal steel as she gives you a glimpse of what is under that short skirt. She wants to be your private dancer and have you as her only audience. To give you the attention that you deserve as she seductively moves across the dance floor towards you. Feeling the hotness of her incredible body as she comes near, don't turn her down because she just might dance out of your life forever!
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Fiery Moo

Monday, October 27th, 2008

If you ever wanted to find the definition of burning hot then you will probably see a photo of Ladyboy Moo in the dictionary. this Asian superstar is absolutely unbelievable with her fiery hair, smoking hot bikini and even hotter bronzed body. If you are looking for ladyboy perfection then you really can't go wrong with Moo, one of the most feminine Asian transsexuals I have ever laid my eyes upon. She has her bar in her mouth in these gallery but she much rather have your cock, are you going to disappoint her?
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Cocksucking 101

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Ladyboy Amy has quietly crawled up between your legs. Staring at you with hose bedroom eyes she slides her hands up towards your growing cock. She knows you can't resist her and those lips slowly move up and down your shaft. Her warm breath moves around your head as chills flow down your spine. She is in her favorite position and your cock is thanking her for it. She maybe a little Asian transsexual but she has big talent in the art of blowjob cocksucking!
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Amy - I See You!

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Peek-a-boo a cute sexy girl is looking towards you! Do you want to see Amy's fine Asian eyes and soft pink lips? Or would you rather just get to it and pull down her panties to penetrate that fine tight ass. It's a hard decision but I think you are up to the challenge. Amy will be just as satisfied with a gentle kiss or a solid thrust. She can be playful and cute in one moment and cum hungry the next. You never know what this tgirl is thinking, but rest assured you are never going to forget it.
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Ladyboy Vampires

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Ladyboy Paris is stroking her hard throbbing cock tonight. She thought she give you a little show on what she likes to do when she is alone. Thinking about your hard throbbing tool in front of her face has got her more then excited. She is down right cum horny and she needs to release her Asian sticky cum all. You just never know what is happening behind closed doors when it comes to a ladyboy and now you will have a secret access code into their world. Though I do have a feeling that even if Em knew you were watching she would not mind at all!
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Touchable Lee

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Some Ladyboys are almost too sweet and cute to touch. Lee happens to be a perfect example of a teen girl with those exact qualities. Lean and fit with a smile that could light up the room. Don't be fooled by her innocence this Asian katoey has been known to suck a good cock and ride a hard dick like no other. If you see that smile from across the room and those eyes are gazing at you, you better make your move because she does not like to wait. No head games for this teen babe, she wants you to take her fast and hard.
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Wawa Ass Fuck

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

This is exactly why I dream about going to Thailand. A beautiful girl with cum hungry eyes like Wawa, just waiting for you to take your cock and push it deep inside of her tight ladyboy pussy. Looking up at you with those big dark eyes as she bites her lower lip as you begin to fuck harder and harder. She has been waiting for this for as long as she can remember and wants the experience of your throbbing meat inside her for as long as possible. She never wants to forget you!
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Ride my Pole

Monday, October 6th, 2008

If a Ladyboy ever asks you to buy a stripping pole for your bedroom make sure to answer "yes" right away! Em is the perfect example on what a sexy Asian transsexual can do with a big long pole. Lucky for you she likes to play with both kinds of pools. The ones made of metal where she can drive your senses wild as she gives you a wicked show and the big throbbing meaty pole that she loves to stuff inside her mouth and tight receptive Ladyboy asshole. I know you think it's a great idea to have that pole right by the bed, she can jump from the stage to your sheets and that's the kind of action I would love to see.
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Test the Ladyboy Waters

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

You ever just go to a strip club to watch the beautiful girls run down a long stripper pole. Well what if you found out that the girl you been dreaming about at the club was actually a ladyboy. A hard cock is hiding in the panties of the Asian of your dreams and she is not afraid to use it. Will you say no when she slides her hands up your thighs or will you fall under her spell and test the waters of what an Asian ladyboy can do to you. These girls are born for sex and will blow away any girlfriend or wife you have had in your past. Give Em a chance, she is 100% sure that once you go to a ladyboy you will never want to go back!
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