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Lee - Submissive Ladyboy Teen

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Ladyboy Lee LOVES to be dominated. Lee's favorite thing is to have her hands handcuffed behind her back, with her tiny ass exposed and unprotected. Lee knows her role, and lifts her ass high in the air. Lee's petite balls hang and sway as her butthole slightly gapes, ready for a hard anal pounding. As Lee's tiny nipples touch the floor, she arches her back to allow the cock to fully enter her teen Ladyboy body. Lee knows she needs the anal training to become a proper Ladyboy whore, and relishes the feeling of being held down and fucking into submission.
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Lee - Teen Cocksucker

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Ladyboy Lee wraps her sweet lips around her favorite fat cock! Forcing the cock down her throat, Lee lovingly looks up with innocent green eyes. Even though her mouth is filled with cock, Lee paints the shaft with her wet tongue. Cupping the balls in her small hand, Lee softly massages the cum filled sack. Lee can't wait until the cum erupts all over her mouth and lips! Lee strokes faster and fast, leaving just the head in her mouth as she strokes the shaft. Lee has a satisfied smile as her mouth is full of sperm.
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Amy - Burlesque Strip

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Performing a foxy strip tease, Amy seductively takes off every bit of her sexy clothing. Amy is ravishing in a hat and oversized dress shirt. Her big bouncy titties burst the buttons of the shirt, with every bit of her ass is displayed as she bends over. Petite Amy wants you rock hard, teasing and pleasing you. Amy wants to tie you up with her necktie and climb aboard for a hard wet ride, not stopping until you erupt inside her!
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Kai - Extreme Gape

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Sexy Kai used SIX FINGERS to stretch her well fucked asshole WIDE OPEN. Kai is so HORNY just knowing you are looking deep inside her LADYBOY fuck hole. dirty thoughts are running through her head of what you'll do to her. Do you want to spit inside her? Piss inside her? Shoot hot cum inside her? Kai loves it ALL, and wants to be your Ladyboy FUCK TOY. Watch all of Kai's videos now!
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Wawa - Dirty Princess

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Wawa loves being dirty! Don't let those sweet looks fool you, Wawa gets off crawling naked on her hands and knees, ready to be used for pleasure. Wawa wants to be treated like a dirty Ladyboy slut! The cute tiara she's wearing is a great touch, showing that she likes being a dirty princess. See the entire explicit photo set of Wawa, along with many more on Ladyboy Gold.
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Wawa - Titty Fuck

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Wawa is proud of her titties, and loves to give pleasure by letting guys titty fuck her! Wawa pushes her oiled-up Ladyboy love mounds together and enjoys the feeling of an erect cock pumping in and out. Wawa's favorite part is when hard cock tenses up and sperm shoots all over her beautiful face! Watch Wawa get a messy facial on LadyboyGold.
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Moo - Bed of Roses

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Sweet Ladyboy Moo lays on the bed. Like in a dream, fragrant rose petals float down and tickle Moo's beautiful body. As the petals gently touch Moo's tasty nipples, her cock becomes rock hard. Drops of sweet precum appear from the tip of Moo's sexy throbbing cock. Moo starts stroking her cock, and reaches below her balls to finger her tight brown asshole. As two fingers enter her ass, Moo stokes faster and faster. Moo tilts her sweet face back as cum launches all over her tan and toned Ladyboy body!
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Kai - Sexy Impaled Ass

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Wearing only sexy crotch less pantyhose, Ladyboy Kai is ready to show you how much her ass can take. Pinching her sexy pierced nipples, Kai positioned her asshole above the huge realistic dildo. Slowly lowering her asshole down, the fat tip of the cock zeros in on her gaping anus. Kai's asshole greedily opens to accommodate the entire 10" of cock! Bouncing up and down, Kai's massive balls swing wildly as she fills her asshole. Kai stokes her big Kathoey cock, and CUMS all over the ass juice covered dildo.
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Lee - Ladyboy Cheerleader

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Teen Ladyboy Lee is wearing her cheerleader uniform, but forgot to wear panties! As Lee kicks her leg high in the air, her sweet cock is exposed. Lee takes off her top and shows off her cute natural perky titties. Lee strokes her cock, then moves into doggy style to present her beautiful butthole. Lee's sexy teen brown eye winks in anticipation and you can see every wrinkle on her tasty asshole! Lee slides a spit soaked finger deep into her asshole, rotating it around to relax the tight sphincter ring. Lee's ass opens, ready to take a nice hard cock or fat dildo deep inside.
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